A dream project

Last summer I got to do a real dream project for Visit Trelleborg. They asked me to make two different illustrations, one with tourist attractions in Trelleborg municipality and one with a map over the municipality. The illustrations would sit on two big walls in their new office. 

Because there were many sights that would be included in the tourist attraction illustration I started to sketch them one by one. After that I sketched out the whole illustration as above. I love doing these kind of “city illustrations”. It´s so playful to draw and I get to learn about new places and their stories.

Illustration av sevärdheter i Trelleborgs kommun

After a few adjustments (yes, of course the viking helmet would not have horns, my mistake) I got OK on my sketch and started to draw the two pictures. Above is the finished two illustrations.

Last Friday was the opening of the office and I got to see “my” walls for the first time. Obviously nervous, but oh how nice it turned out. Both the client and I are completely satisfied! Take a look in the video above =)

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